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    HD Clearer Sky Mod 1.0


    If you want a clearer looking sky and want a change from those low-res upper atmosphere cirrus clouds then this mod is for you.

    This mod removes the cirrus clouds in the upper atmosphere. Gives the sky a clearer look.

    Works very good with ineedascotch's HD Clouds Mod. For sure grab that if you haven't already!



    Clearer sky 

    Bluer skies 

    Better atmospheric colors since upper clouds do not interfere

    More flexibility to mod custom skies

    Zero impact on performance

    Feel free to use or not use the .dds texture in any way




    1. Create dropzone folder in your Just Cause 2 Main directory.
    2. Place cirrus_clouds_dif.dds into Dropzone folder. (Should create /textures/weather folder)
    3. Load game.
    4. Done!


    DELETE cirrus_clouds_dif.dds from /dropzone/textures/weather folder

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