Hardcore Quick Start Save File

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    I took the time to start a hardcore level game and collect all items in the game and minimize any destruction. I only completed the initial strongholds and have done no missions after those. I even managed to collect the item in the beached whale easter egg without blowing it up. So now you can start a new game on hardcore with full health and don't have to collect any items. You also have over 2 million dollars and all settlements located. Only destruction and missions await you ^_^! Yeah, you could simply use a trainer or mods to do this. However, this is for people who don't want to cheat, but just can't be bothered to find thousands of items.

    Extract the save file and place it in this folder:


    If the save file is not appearing, save a game to slot 5 and then replace it with my file. And if you have an important save file in slot 5, be sure to back it up first!

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