Hamaya GSY Bobber w/ Custom Car Engine!

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    So it has come to this - the GSY 650 transformed into one m*therf*cker of a bobber!

     What's up with that? Well, the retro look of the military bike could use a little wrenching...

    1.  V8 Engine Power! It's now being moved by the big block of the custom convertible. I used the car's transmission as well, to manage all the power from the virtual V8, and made the bike a lot heavier to avoid eternal burn-outs
    2. Big wheels: the bobber aficionados often fit british Avon ballon tyres on their bikes; I took what I could find most resembling, namely the big tyres of the 1300 Elite Cruiser. The original saddle is moreover as 100% bobber as the special "civilian" paint from the black market, the original saddle and the same-sized wheels.
    3. Modified suspensions: Its longer fork and shorter rear give the bobber that special look that adds a bit of agressivity to the whole.
    4. Armor: don't thank me, you'd have changed that anyway ;)

    Now enjoy and for 0-star rates, please explain and I'll be glad to hear your suggestions


    Can anyone give it a flaming exhaust?

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