Hamaya Cheetah SS

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    Hamaya proudly presents the Cheetah! 

    This clubman café racer is driven by nothing else than the Titus' racing engine!

    Believe me, I made it heavier but yet you still have the fastest acceleration and speed of all two-wheelers on Panau. In its way, it reminds me of those japanese two-stroking machines of the 70ies; despite it's peculiar look, it's a genuine missile and has performances I wish my own bike had.

    It's well-protected, light (even though it's heavier than the Cougar to cope with the extra strength of the Titus' engine), agile, fast... just efficient.

    Hope you'll enjoy riding it. Can anyone fit it with weapons, resp. a flaming exhaust? Same applies to all my other recent motorcycle mods. Thanks and enjoy!




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