Hamaya 1300 Chopper/Digger

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    After my "Hamaya 600" Cafe Racer/Bitza mod, I decided to have fun and transform the Elite Cruiser into that kind of bike I'd just call "radical":

    1.  A robust buggy engine powers the bike to a respectable speed and a hell load of torque. Still as much as one can handle, but you'll feel the difference ;)
    2. A loooong steering fork for the chopper touch; hey, who has discovered the suspension length in the .xml and NOT tried to make it longer? It's actually so long that the tube forks don't join anymore: radical look (after all, you got rimless wheels, nowadays) and it doesn't affect the bike, except that it severely raises the frame
    3. A low rider rear, well, if you lift the fron, and you lower the rear, what do you get? Right, even more radicality!
    4. Every kind of armour you need - after all, why should your bike burst in flames at the first shot?
    I hope you like it, though I need some help: I'd like to get the flaming exhaust we've seen on such cool mods as the custom car or the pimped Hamaya Oldman. Who can help me?

    Next motorcycle projects are: a bobber, scrambler or chopper military bike and a Ducati 900SS replica Cougar.
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