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    GV-104 TUNGUSKA (V1.0)
    by voxbox13

    This mod was created by request. ;)
    Hey grinderm - I hope you like it!


    The GV104 Razorback customized - Inspired by Tunguska
    Basically, it adds 4 Rocket Launchers and an AutoCannon.

    (The Rocket Launchers turn 360 degrees with the Turret!)

    NOTE: Although this was supposed to make the Razorback more like
    an Anti-Aircraft Tank, it's hard to make the weapons fire very
    high above the horizon line...
    So it's currently not VERY effective against aircraft.

    I will continue to test to see if the firing angle can be increased.


    Version 1.0

    Added 4 Rocket Launchers (They turn 360 degrees with the Turret!)

    Added 1 AutoCannon (Fires from the Tank Turret Cannon location)

    Increased Damage Resistance by ~ 50%

    Standard Skin


    Questions / Suggestions can be posted here:

    It's just easier.   ;)



    Unpack the .zip file
    Place the .eez file in dropzone
    Shake well before using
    Rinse and repeat



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