Grappling Very Resistant! FIXED! BETA

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    And I doth quoth:

    It's a simple moddification of grapplingparams : - more strong

    Grappling twice as long:

    (originally 8100(units) now 16200(units)

          Just place the file into your dropzone directory situated in your just cause 2 main folder (if it don't exist create it)


    End Quote


    What he was trying to say: This makes grappling something to something MUCH stronger.  E.g. A Bering can now fly away with a Bering attached to it. (good luck with that though)

    Grappling twice as long: (Helps when towing larger objects)

    (originally 8100(units) now 16200(units)


     Note: YOU must be actively directing (i.e. driving) one of the objects, and the other tethered object must not be actively interacting (i.e. AI driving the tethered object) for the tether to hold! As far as I know, this is hard wired (no pun intended) into the game.

    Examples of this:

    Tethering a civilian tuk tuk w/ ai to another civilian tuk tuk w/ ai.  Programmed to break

    Tethering your awesome vehicle of awesome towing potential to a civilian tuk tuk /w ai. Programmed to break

    Tethering the unstoppable force (unmovable objects) to the unstoppable force (your vehicle, any AI driven enemy car) Programmed to break


    BUT! Everything else: Feel free to tether that big bad (insert huge object here) to your vehicle :)



    Also, this does absolutely nothing else besides exactly what it says it does.

    I hated it when mods started trying to do too much. 

    In other words:


    It DOESN'T

    Eat children

    Make you travel faster than the speed of "wtf?"

    Allow you to grapple Alpha Centauri from Panau (Wiki Alpha Cantauri)


    Still Can't:


    Make a car being driven by AI stop dead in its tracks by attaching it to something unmoveable (don't know if possible)

    Your vehicle will still break free of being tethered to something unmoveable (don't know if possible)


     For the tech savvy individual (interested in how this works):

    wire durability increased from default:120 to  514,000. I figured this unit to either be equivalent to pounds or kilograms, and the value of 256 tons is the heaviest an object can get without being nailed down! SOOooo, 514,000 = 257 tons, therefore: 257 > 256 = wire wins Laughing


    P.S. I feel like delving a little deeper into the current state of trainers, so if anyone wishes to collaborate on making bolo work again as of October 2011, feel free to contact me.

    As it is somewhat new to me, bare with me and do NOT hold your breath for us to get bolo patch working again.


    rory800 : The file is actually supposed to be a .bin file. Put that .bin file in a folder named  "Dropzone" in your Just Cause 2 folder. Hope that helps clear up your confusion!

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