Gibbed’s Tools r128 – MuNkEy

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    This is similar to the pack released by the user JaySuS, but fixes the errors experienced by users running a native x64 OS (hopefully). It's based off the r128 SVN (last updated 2010-06-22 and latest as of 3/24/2011)

    Tools included:

    • Archive Viewer
    • Bin2XML and XML2Bin
    • SmallUnpack and SmallPack
    • ModelViewer and ModelViewer 2

    Also included are instructions for obtaining and building the source for yourself (see HowToUpdate.txt) and a modified version of "The Hunter.xml" to detect newer installs of it.


    Like JaySuS's release, you may need to download and install Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1 for the ModelViewer to work.

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