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    Gibbed Tool Pack REV.41


    Contains :

    • Gibbed Archive Viewer
    •  Gibbed Bin to XML Converter (command line)
    • Gibbed XML to Bin Converter (command line)
    • Gibbed SmallPack (command line)
    • Gibbed SmallUnpack (command line)


    Allows editing of Just Cause 2 files. Use the Archive Viewer to extract a file from the .tab files. If its .BIN use Bin2Xml converter. Then edit with notepad (notepad++ is better).

    Once edited, save then use XML2Bin converter to make a new .BIN with yor edits. Then  move or copy the new .BIN into the "dropzone" folder (create one if not there, in games install root)


    gibbed wrote:
    Latest binary build (this is likely to lag behind commits to the SVN repository): Revision 41
    SVN repository (for the latest stuff):
    Helpful documentation:

    Quick tool info:
    ArchiveViewer - Allows extraction of .arc/tabs.
    bin2xml - Converts .bin format files to an .xml format
    xml2bin - Converts those .xmls back into the .bin format
    SmallUnpack - Unpacks small archives (SARC).
    SmallPack - Creates small archives (SARC) from a directory.

    Please note that I have not put very much error handling into my tools, if one of the tools crashes, please post the stack trace.

    Would appreciate it if requests for mods don't spam up this thread, I'd rather this be about modding the game and sharing what we've been able to do as well as helping each other.


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