Gibbed’s Tool Pack recompiled and working link

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    This is simply just a recompiled version of the mod tools submitted by dismembered ( All i did was download the latest source from dismembered's SVN repository ( and compiled it using MS visual studio 2010 express C#. I have not edited it in any way and not tested many parts of it.

    To run any section of it other than the Archive Viewer you must run the application using CMD. A quick tutorial for this to avoid the comment box being spammed:

    1) Press windows button + r and type cmd then press enter.

    2) Type "cd" (no quotes) followed by the location of where you extracted the downloaded files for example desktop would be "cd C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\Gibbed's Tool Pack recompile" then press enter.

    3)  Type the name of the .exe that you want to run for example "Gibbed.Avalanche.bin2xml.exe" followed by the name of the .bin that you want to convert for example "weapons.bin" which must be in the same folder as the application. Finally type the name of the .xml file that you want outputted for example "output.xml". so you should have something like "Gibbed.Avalanche.bin2xml.exe weapons.bin output.xml". Press enter and output.xml should appear in the same folder as the application.

    4) You can then edit this in a text editor (I recommend notepad ++ (

    5) You can then convert this back into a .bin by using the Gibbed.Avalanche.xml2bin.exe and swapping around weapons.bin and output.xml.

    Nice and simple now anyone can make mods for this great game again.

    There are some useful tips and a tutorial at the avalanche SVN (
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