Full Superman mod ! Fly, Sprint, Invincibility

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    EDIT:  Thanks for all the downloads!  -Evohei

    This Mod Is Made By: Evohei Steam Profile: evoevolution      YouTube Name: evoevolution

    This mod gives you a Superman player model.

    You will be able to fly. Instead of the parachute you can fly!!!  IT'S AWESOME!   Click "Shift" to gain speed while using parachute / Flying Mode.    You can change the flying speed in black market.

    You will not be able to get killed,  no hit reactions.


    And that's about it!


    thx for downloading!


  • speaker_notes Installation



    -Place every file from this mod and in to the dropzone folder in your installation directory. -If you don't have a dropzone folder, make one.

    -Put DLC files in game DLC folder.

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