Flora & Fauna Degradation Mod

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    This mod is as simple (it's actually quite sophisticated) as it sounds , it removes all trees! (except those that have been placed deliberately, like in cities). In addition the grass is getting removed and all mammals (land animals, for the uninitiated) disappear.

    Thus making Panau to a true paradise for anyone who wants to explore never before seen terrain and utilize new stunting possibilities.

    Watch this utterly informative trailer if you still have any questions:


    One little warning before you download it: Do not download it if you are satisfied with the original version of Panau, otherwise... it may happen that you never want to get back to the normal Panau

    In case you want to have all trees removed (those in the cities), check out my mod: No Buildings and Roads Mod Though if you use it, (as the title already says) it will too remove all buildings and roads.

    To close this description, here are 2 screenshots both captured in-game:

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