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    This is a first-person version of powerslave212's Superman Flying Mod Version 4.2. It adjusts the camera settings so that you are flying in first person view; it has a perfect feel, like you are genuinely soaring through the clouds, rather than just a moving camera.

                             You must try this mod at least once.
                    It is one of the most thrilling, unique and glorious
                         experiences available in the gaming world!

     Note: If you were already doing this indirectly with Prof_Farnsworth's First Person Parachute mod, try this instead. It was designed for flying specifically and it's worlds better!




    1. Install powerslave212's Superman Flying Mod Version 4.2 first.
              Included, with instructions. Original mod page found here.
    2. Put one of the included camera_settings.bin files into your \dropzone folder, overwriting the old camera_settings.bin.
    One is combined and fully integrated with the "First Person - Land Vehicles v2.1" mod, and one is not. You choose.

    Further Info:

     Update History:

      v1.1    - First Person Vehicles 2.1 option added
      v1.2    - First Person Vehicles 2.1 fixed for
                   Hovercraft and Monstertruck. See
                   forum thread for details.
                 - powerslave212's Superman Flying Mod
    now included in this file for ease.


    Try flying with Lingon's Just Cause 2 v1.1 (v1.0.0.2) +30 Trainer (download from, with his increased speed switched on, combined with powerslave212's Fast Flying parachute, to see what it feels like to fly at 6 times the speed of sound. Cross the whole island in 17 seconds!






    Forum and Feedback:

     The forum thread for this mod can be
    found here.

    lease see the forum and
      leave comments and feedback - changes and improvements can be
        made at community's request

    that it does not allow me to reply in the comments section, and I do not

    want to fill up this mod description with answers. Any and all questions and
    requests should be made in the forum thread. Thank you.











    Credit to powerslave212 for the awesome Superman Flying Mod.

    Credit also to Tool2Heal for his First Person - Land Vehicles v2.1 mod. I just incorporated it into my mod, and fixed the Hovercraft and Monstertruck 3rd person cameras.

    EDIT: Thank you to CruzerXcrossXfire for pointing that out. I have made a fuller response in the forum thread. but for now a quick reply is that my mod was designed specifically for flying rather than parachuting and it is worlds better than using Prof_Farnsworth's mod, thanks to camera handling, position and many other tweaks.Try it and you'll see!

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