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    UPDATE! Now version 2.1

    You can now change between first person and third!!!

    just extract the camera_settings.bin and place it in your dropzone folder.

    I will continue to work on this mod ultimately to include sea and air vehicles to.

    it's just a little harder for those vehicles and I figured you all wanted to play with this one.

    Any bugs or glitches and suggestions please post in this thread.


    Thanks, Have fun.


    NOW 2.0
    Added the ability to toggle between first person and third person in all Land vehicles.
    Still having problems with crosshair movements so Tank is still set to default third person view at all times, and the ability to aim up/down on ATV, and motorcycles still not available. Change views by hitting the C key, or whatever key you have bind for reverse camera.

    Update: 2.1

    Fixed the bug that didn't allow you to rotate around the vehicle while in third person mode. It's a little glitchy when rotating to far down the view will kick back to default center but I think that's about all I can do to fix it.

    Ok guys, after the last few days of working on this mod I have come to a conclusion. I have been able to place the camera above the steering wheel inside of the vehicle. There are of course many issues that come along with doing this.
    1. THE CAMERA. has to be "stuck" meaning no rotating or looking left, right. this is due to the fact that we not only have clipping, but the cameras are set up to move based on bumps, turning, going up down hills, ect. So, if the camera is not "glued" to a spot, it jumps and moves randomly based on what the car is doing.
    2. THE LOOK. i can tell you now, and i will post screens soon for those that have no idea what im talking about that the game was never designed to be seen through a dark tinted, half reflective, glare producing window. as well as you really don't need to see how bad the interior textures are on the cars, ugh.
    This being said, I will post a couple screens to show everyone what I am talking about. as soon as I can. Also, since I have recently realized that you can not rotate the camera inside choppers I may be able to put the camera in the cockpit and actually have it work well for the choppers, so I will look into that.

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