Firefly submersible STOL fighter – with heat seeking missiles

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    After several months away, I was pleased to chill out this stormy evening and, why not, take up modding again. Just a little one.

    So, I took the Firefly-jet, and replaced its name with the Bering file's name. It will thus replace the cargo plane, but will cost nothing if you got the right Blackmarket mod and be more easily available.

    It has some kind of aƩronavale painting, which you can easily change if you want to. It's very speedy and, and I really like that, you can brake it up so much that it will easily land on 2 square meters of island on the sea. Or beneath the sea, as it is submersible.

    Pioneer's lock-on missiles are included in the weapons.bin file I copied into this .zip-file. Oh, watch it btw, the uzis are replaced with a powerful, invisible airzooka and the rocket launcher, also invisible, causes an EMP discharge that will destroy everything on the island except for your lucky a** ^^. They're heat-seeking, so you'll enjoy hunting down any helis you that'll cross your way.

    Enjoy, peeps, I hope you'll have fun with it!


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