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    This was a Sniper (modded) which i made for my friend , but then i thought of releasing it to this site 

    This gun features the Sniper Rifle , You can still zoom with it , when u shoot you shoot autocanon bullets - WHICH CAUSE HUGE DESTRUCTION , And also i increased the ammo capacity

     To install just paste the files to youre dropzone folder which is  located in youre game folder, if you do not have a drop zone folder just create one and paste it there

    This is my first mod , please try it out and comment how it is below :D thnx 

    And also you can p me any weapon mod you want (if you want me to mod a weapon for u just pm me :D) 


    to isntall mods please visit http://www.justcause2mods.com/index.php/forum?func=view&catid=19&id=3262 it will tell you all how to install mods


    If you still cant install just pm me   

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