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    This is my personal weapon tweaking mod. Most of the weapons you can carry now have auto-aim and increased parameters (Including damage, magazine capacity, and range of the projectiles). Nothing too unrealistic has been added (Like making the revolvers shoot rockets and whatnot), so it doesn't break the Hollywood feel Just Cause 2 has (Well, not break it TOO much, just slightly).

    Version 1.1: 1.) Made the range values of the weapons shorter (1500 compared to v1.0's 3000) as I have tested the weapons and fired at close quarters and found out that the bullets don't register at all. 2.) Projectile speed values also have been lessened to address this issue. 3.) Tweaked weapon damages to be lowered as to be more balanced and not outright destroy armored military vehicles.

    Weapon changes (Will describe them in the 6-Star/Level 6 versions)

    Handgun =>While appearing like a Desert Eagle, the game files hint that it was meant to be more along the lines of a Beretta. Initially v1.0 took advantage of this but now v1.1 makes it feel more of an actual Desert Eagle in terms of capacity, damage, and sound.

    Revolver => The gun realistically now only holds 6 shots (More than enough to kill anything that moves) but does far higher damage than the Handgun (Twice the damage, actually).

    Sawed-Off Shotgun => It starts off with two rounds (Realistic) but then can be upgraded to hold 12 rounds (Just imagine the thing as a really short, tube-fed, semi-auto shotgun), although the spread is wide which makes it useless at longer ranges.

    Sub-Machinegun => The gun holds twice the amount of rounds the Handgun has (60 vs the Handgun's 30) but still does the same amount of damage.

    Shotgun => More accurate than the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the Shotgun is ideal for mid-range shootouts. It also sports 20 shells before reloading.

    Assault Rifle => The gun deals slightly more damage than the vanilla version and can hold up to 60 rounds in the magazine. The Assault Rifle is more accurate than its Machine Gun counterpart, making it ideal for peppering away the health of pesky Panauan helicopters.

    Sniper Rifle => Far more damage per shot, it also has a higher rate of fire than the vanilla version, as well as holding up to 30 rounds (Making it somewhat suitable when fighting in close-quarters).

    Machinegun => Holding 100 rounds, the Machinegun deals more damage than the Assault Rifle but at a higher price although it is worth it especially when military security is increased in Panau.

    Grenade Launcher => Featuring less drop and a higher magazine size (A startling 24), the Grenade Launcher is more viable to use for clearing out enemy bases.

    Rocket Launcher => Featuring a faster projectile speed, the Rocket Launcher is more viable when it comes to dealing with vehicles such as APC's and helicopters. The downside is that it only holds 6 rockets but each one does three times the damage of a maxed-out Grenade Launcher.

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    Just drop the files into dropzone and you're good to go!

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