Enhanced Visual 2017 2.0

Mods chevron_right chevron_right Enhanced Visual 2017 2.0
  • descriptionDescription

    -bug fixed, if still error turn off full screen settings JC2. (if you feel uncomfortable with the taskbar, move the taskbar to top and hide)

    source comes from https://justcause2mods.com/mods/enhanced-visuals-2016/ ((the owner did not fix the bug and I fixed the bug but I want to give it to others to enjoy this mod))

    *new feature -shared sweetfx smooth transmission

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    -Extract all files from this archive to your JC2 root folder. *example C:Program Files (x86)SQUARE ENIX - Eidos InteractiveJust Cause 2

    -for that bonus, put it on the dropzone *how to make dropzone? example C:Program Files (x86)SQUARE ENIX - Eidos InteractiveJust Cause 2 <- for example this is your JC2 location click the right mouse and select new folder then name it dropzone, :v so ez...............

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