Dual wieldable flak miniguns.

Mods chevron_right chevron_right Dual wieldable flak miniguns.
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    Ok first I'm going to appologise for not having enough time to sort out the rubbish in the 3 bins from the desired mod.

    willl get around to this soon, although just for clarification, makes the game alot more fun once completed :p

    still, inside are Dual wieldable flak firing mini guns (made orginally from the assault rifle, mainly because it's easier to find ammo.) extract to drop zone, will most likely want to add in your own mods via editing both bins, but.. yes this is only due to the fact i saw someone request it. 

     again sorry :P but if you like the sound of it, feel free to use it. will be updating soon once i have time. oh.. think all weapons/vehicles are free too.. 



    also please note, in the video, they do not look as they do now, the barrels of the mini gun are succesfully restored :<  skin in screenie is thanks to Sarah for her Soap skin!

    Apparently important note i forgot: BUY THE ASSAULT RIFLES TO GET THEM!!!! not the minigun.


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