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    Here is a link to a discussion thread in the forum:


    I started out modding this to be a drift truck based on Nkosi and happyfunstick's work.   They did a great job figuring out how to stabilize the suspension for off-road.
    Nkosi has a drift truck in the works but apparently never released it so this is my effort
    to complete what he started.  Set your e-brake up to L-Shift on the keyboard and you can power drift some hairpin turns like smooth and the butter. This is a work in progress, will be uploading improvements over next few days/weeks. 

    I exchanged a few values for the small missile explosion and muzzle-effect to enhance
    the appearance of the secondary rockets.  I did not change the damage values, just the effects. I believe happyfunstick modded in the secondary rockets so credit to him for that.  The rockets unlock at the last upgrade.  This superior hedge is highly resistant to damage as well as submersible.

    Update 2/4/2013 After reading constructive criticism, i went back and compared the original hedges handling characteristics to mine and realized I'd achieved little if any improvement.. so I went back to the drawing board and figured some stuff out.  The engine is much faster and responsive now and the drift is toned down and tuned up for high speed get-aways.  Tapping the handbrake now works as advertised on hairpin turns.


    Choose which skin and drop that folder into the dropzone folder in JC2 Directory.  If it doesn't exist make one.

    Check back for updates I'm currently improving it, enjoy driving and leave me some feedback please!!

    Udate!! v2 released!--more drift, less flip

    Udated: v3-- fine tuning

    Updated v4-- new skins

    Updated v5-- toned down fishtailing(ongoing project), smoothed tiger skin, added army green skin

    Updated v6-- complete overhaul, handling actually improved



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