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    I for myself think the weapons from the boom packet are still a bit too softy so I modded them...



    - As requested, I made the clusterbomblauncher again with less damage and impulse, for the air propulsion gun I made a bigger magazine size and added a version with less range (area of effect). Hope you like it now!


    - As requested by mikey I decreased the damage and impulse of the Cluster Bomb Launcher. Still very powerful.


    - Air Propulsion Gun is now even more stronger

    - Cluster Bomb Launcher shoots now thrice as much grenades as the normal version. More Damage and added a grenade_explosion.bin with better explosion.

    - Quad Rocket Launcher shoots now 12 Rockets. Improved velocity and damage.


    Air Propulsion Gun: Made onehanded, stronger, more range and bigger magazine size

    Cluster Bomb Launcher: Made onehanded, also stronger and more range, bigger magazine size, more bombs per shot

    Quad Rocket Launcher: Stronger, more range, bigger magazine size, 10 rockets per shot, added missile_explosion.bin with huge bomb detonation



    Install: Put the .arc and .tab files of the weapons of your choice into the just cause 2/dlc folder. If you want the big explosion of the rocket launcher, put missile_explosion.bin into just cause 2/dropzone folder.

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