DLC items free to purchase in Blackmarket

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    A quick mod I whipped up for practical reasons. It isn't meant to be professional.

    To be used in conjunction with zxz's Blackmarket Mod. Make sure you have this installed or my mod wont work. Zxz's Blackmarket Mod can be found here.

    A lot of people have had problems and I think it is because I didn't explain things properly. Please read the instructions again - now they are more clear.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod does NOT install DLC's on your computer. You still have to purchase these from Square Enix. If you try to spawn a vehicle or weapon that is part of a DLC that you do not have, it WON'T spawn and it will crash the game. The DLC weapons and vehicles that you don't have will still be in the blackmarket list, but without a picture. As I said, this mod is not meant to be professional or perfect. I just made it for me, and decided to share it with everyone given its utility. 


    Mod description:

    Makes all of the DLC weapons and vehicles free.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Install zxz's Blackmarket Mod which is found here. (put the files in "archives_win32" as instructed in that mod)

    2. Place MY blackmarket.bin file in your dropzone folder. If you don't know where your dropzone folder is, see forum for more info. 


    That's it. 

    Ignore what zxz says about not having any blackmarket.bin files in your dropzone folder. This one is ok as it was specially made to work with his mod.

    Known Issue:

    DLC weapons and vehicles appear twice; free version and normal price version (as you can see in the screenshots. I do not intend to fix this as I can live with this issue. I am just sharing this mod because I am sure many people would find it useful).


    To everyone having problems: I repeat: this does not install DLC's on your computer and if you don't have them, you won't be able to spawn them. If you have them and can't spawn them, then please contact me in the forum. Leaving angry responses here and low ratings wastes your time more than mine. Stop being lazy and join the forum and message me. I don't check this page more than once every 4 months, but I'd be glad to help the 10 or 12 out of 10,000 of you who are having problems.


    If you need any help, you can contact me in the forum here.




    If anyone else wants to perfect it, feel free. Enjoy everyone!

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