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    This pack contains: The Hamaya Oldman LOL Machine, The Very Bouncy Taxi, The Teleporting PVD, The Floating Motorcross, THe Flipping Speedboat, And last but not least, The 180 Limo.

    The Vehicles Are: Hamaya Oldman, Taxi, PVD (Those Military Trucks), Makoto, Columbi, And the agency boat that I forgot the name of.

    The Vehicles Effects Are: Hamaya Oldman - Says LOL all over the car

    Taxi - You almost can't get on it because it bounces around even when AI drive it.

    PVD - If you go forwards you go about 1000 times faster than regular and it somehow if it is upside down then it will go up.

    Comlumbi (Limo) - I DID NOT MAKE THE SKIN. It is pretty useless but fun to watch, if the enemies shoot it enough the enigine and the rear doors will pop out and the enigine will be gone, but you can keep going. Usefull for causing descruction.

    Makoto - The Actual Engine and Seat part are floating above to your right. it goes a little slower and if you turn you will fall off. It would be fun to watch some other people drive it, ;) I DID NOT MAKE SKIN

    Lastly the Agency Raceboat - this will fly a little if you hold down the forward key and will not stay on the water that easily.

    Have Fun,


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