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    Unlocks the camera when ragdolled, grappling to places, parachuting and freefalling. I did all of them from scratch except the parachute (wich i improved) so they may differ from other similar mods

    -disabled parachute camera auto centering
    -some minor improvements to freefall cam
    -added superman mod compatible version

    -increased max angles for some stuff
    -improved freefall cam behaviour

    To install: camera_settings.bin goes to the dropzone folder, enjoy!

    Just to clarify about combining this with no stunt no CAC etc; all of that is in the "defaults_camera.bin" file while these are only in "camera_settings.bin" so basically, to combine them just use this file along with defaults_camera.bin from other mods. Like if you allready have no CAC all you need to do is install this and you got them combined!

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