Compatibility Patch – ‘Extreme Heat + Increased Grapple Range & Speed’

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    This is a compatibility Fix for two popular modifications which could not be run together. I found that I was unable to use the increased grapple range or speed while this mod was running, So I have created this fix for those who have this problem as well.

    The two mods 'Increased Grapple Range & Speed' and 'Extreme Heat' are NOT my mods, I take no credit for them, this fix is purely an easier way to enjoy both the mods without any issues.

    Mod Authors: 'Increased Grapple Range & Speed'; Pridit -

    'Extreme Heat'; Prof_Farnsworth -

    I am currently accepting compatibility fix requests for any other compilation of mods, feel free to make any suggestions or requests in the comments.



    Note: If asked to remove this Compatibility Patch by the authors or administration, I will not hesitate to do so.

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