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    The Cassius MAGMA is a stealth black speed-increased cassius redesign with SAMS on the wings and tons of firepower :)


    *Incredible strength
    *high speed
    *Slick Black

    1x Minigun
    1x Rocket Launcher
    1x SAM
    2x RocketARVE (they look like SAMs but shoot more fun)
    3x Flak Cannon

    Missles all go on right click
    Minigun/flak cannons on left click


    Cassius Magma is back and even MORE bad!

    *Fixed overlapping SAMs
    *SAMs no longer swivel with crosshair
    *Added Minigun
    *Added 3 flak cannons
    *Made the wing SAMs shoot the plane rockets.

    future fixes:
    Flashing light color
    Better invincibility



    This is the Cassius MAGMA!

    Nobody seems to have modified the cassius yet so i had a go!

    Ive taken the cassius and sped it up, tweaked it, made it stealth black and threw a SAM on each wing and a rocket launcer in the middle :)

    I raised the durability, its nearly invincible but i don't quite have it down right so it still cant take impacts

    if possible i plan to change the flashing lights blue to match the texture.


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