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    Find yourself needing more firepower? Want to be the coolest cat on the block?

    Then you need the Carbon Eagle Gunship. This baby is packing one nose mounted cannon, two mini guns, and, of course, A pair of FOUR rocket launchers. You haven't had fun until you've taken this thing out for a spin.

    Update:  V1.2 Made the heli invincible and adjusted the aim specs on the outer rocket pods. They are now stationary allowing you to fire four pinpoint, or spread them around for more damage area simply by spinning the heli slightly. I have also upped the fire power some more with a new weapon under the nose. Gameplay issues should be solved now. Only cosmetic improvements in the future. Texture map available in the forum if you want to make your own skin. Check it out.

    Updated with link to the texture file. I don't know why I didn't do that already. Mod away folks!

    Skin: Updated and improved textures and resolution.

    This replaces the Mullen Skeeter Eagle.

    As soon as I figure out how  to add more than five weapons to a vehicle, there is room for two more rocket launchers. DONE ScootyPuff Sr. currently resides on the tail until I can figure out something better.

     Happy killing.

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