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    This is my first attempt at modding, so I'm starting by simply tweaking an existing mod.

    This mod was originally created by NotSoCoolJ (Carbon Eagle GunShip V1.2).

    The problem with this heli, along with every other heli in the game, it's too slow.  Now with a healthy boost of speed, you can easily outrun anything they send after you. Or if you prefer, destroy everyone and everything in your path with the added firepower added by NotSoCoolJ.

    I have included the original as well as the upgraded Carbon Eagle.

    Big thanks to NotSoCoolJ for a great mod to start with.




    Added third version which has only slightly increased speed.  Also replaced mini-guns with rapid fire air vehicle auto-cannons to match center auto-cannon. Center cannon now fires with side cannons instead of with rockets. 

    ScootyPuff Sr. removed from tail.



    Now 4 different versions to choose from.

    Latest version-Replaced rockets with air vehicle auto-cannons for a total of 6.  Replaced center Air vehicle auto-cannon with Land vehicle auto-cannon.




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