Cafe Racer Hamaya 250 with Cougar 600 engine!!!

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    "Wot?! No boyke?!" is what you hear when you arrive at London's famous Ace Cafe, birthplace of the Cafe Racer culture, in a car. I made the same statement, as I waited in vain for a vehicle mod that would fit my style of bikes. And, thanks to the help of VoxBox13, I managed to created my first mod. I drew inspiration from the Kawasaki Z1, that also has twin silencers, but "cyberwrenched" it up to be JC2's first Cafe Racer

     The genuine Cougar 600 engine in the Hamaya 250S' frame: I copied the .mvdoll engine data from the Cougar 600 and replaced the same data into the Classic motorcycle's file. Engine,transmission and gear switch data of the Cougar now apply to the Classic Bike, keeping but it's original roaring sound but revving up brutally like the Cougar!

    Old School spoke wheels! Thanks to the military motorcycle's tyre and motorcycle rim .lod files, whose mentions I also replaced in the .xml file of the Classic Bike. It gives a vintage style to that bike that I prefer to the usual, 1980-chinese-plastic-bike-wheeld.

    Cafe Racer Handling! A slightly shorter front fork keeps your bike on the road and adds in style and in efficiency as well. The suspensions are a good compromise between the 250S' classic naked bike agility and mellow suspensions, and the hardcore suspensions of thesporty Cougar. Hey, you better let the bike manage all that new power! ;) you'll be, let's say, pleasantly surprised.

    Safety first: it's not absolutely bulletproof, but it can take a few rounds of bullets, explosions and crashes without you having to worry.

    Well, I hope you enjoy it and if it motivates you to try and start modding bikes, I'd be happy to see what you achieve :)

    Gentlemen, start your engines!

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