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    This mod fixes a couple of annyoing issuses with the Bullseye Rifle. Now it reloads from standard Assault Rifle ammo and has a working zoom functionality (adjustable with Shift and Ctrl) instead of that useless scope. To make it more useful as a sniper rifle replacement, maximum bullet flight range has been also upped from 500 to 1000. The magazine now also holds 25 bullets instead of 24, because that gives a nice 200 bullets total. The rest is unchanged from the vanilla version because OVERPOWERED WEAPONS SUCK.

    Go to Just Cause 2/DLC folder, make a backup of pc_00.arc and pc_00.tab somewhere, and replace them with the files from this archive. If you don't have a DLC folder, that means you didn't buy the DLC. Don't whine.

    To voxbox13, for greatly helping me with this mod and the modding system in general.

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