Boom Stick Combo Pack.

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    This mod includes the following:

     -Triggered BombsV2/RPB/Unlimited Grapple Mods by: H1Vltg3

     - Boom Sticks (Rocket Pistols/Upgraded Flak MG) by:myself. These replace the Revolver and Machine Gun in the Black Market, they are still named revolver and Machine Gun.         


     - enemies will spawn with these (Boom Sticks), but they will not 1 shot vehicles like you and they will not splash damage your ragdoll into the air, like you can to them.

     - Also the Unlimited Grapple is still slightly buggy. Just think of it as 100x grapple instead of true infinite

     - 4 files. weapons.bin and grappleparams.bin, as well as the xml files for both.

     - unrar into dropzone

     - Blow stuff up!





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