Black Security v1.5

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    This mod replaces the Panauan military with men in suits, kinda like
    undercover operatives, and all heat-spawned military vehicles are
    painted black.


    Contains 4 Folders:

    Black Security

    -You're on your own, and there are no factions to help you combat the
    Black Security. Everyone's your enemy.

    Black Security + Can't Stop The Factions

    -You and the three factions join forces to fight the Black Security.
    This is basically 8thor8's Can't Stop The Factions but with Black
    Security guys.

    Black Security + Can't Stop The Factions + Extreme Vehicle Heat

    -Same as previous, except that there are a lot more heat-spawned
    vehicles that will go after you. Amount was increased and spawn time
    was slightly reduced. Less motorcycles and ATV's, more Humvees, jeeps
    and boats! WARNING: May crash lower-end PC's.

    Can't Stop The Factions + Join The Black Security

    -This time, you're one of the Black Security dudes and you side with
    them fighting off the factions. Credits to K3R for the mod files.
    Includes matching costume by Duard.





    -Copy all files from desired folder to dropzone.

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