Black Market Editor v2.0

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    Black Market Editor v2.0


    .NET Framework 4.0 is required to run this program. If you an error when trying to run the program, install .NET Framework 4.0.
    .NET Framework 4.0

     - Whats New

      * Option to make all items free
     * Option to select agency vehicles
     * Option to select default weapons
     * Language settings are now saved
     * Black market weapon listings now editable
     * Option to load information from blackmarket.xml

     - Features

    * Easily edit Just Cause 2 black market listings
     * Supports 8 languages for vehicle/weapon names

     - Item Images

    Item images are not supported, although I collected my black market information from technopath's Mod. If you install his black market mod, then you will have images.

    - Adding Vehicles/Weapons

    I have received comments about how this would be useful if you could add vehicles. It is actually possible to do so. The program loads all xml files located in the "Resources\Vehicles" folder. You can add new xml files to this folder.

     - Load from blackmarket.xml

    This option loads all weapons and vehicles from the "Output/blackmarket.xml". At the moment, it ignores anything it does not recognize.

      - Credits

      * Gibbed for his Tool Pack
     * Technopath for information from his black market mod

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