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    Hey guys me again

    This is my first weapon mod

    it makes a rpg shoot 6 rockets in one shot.

    And a assault rifle shoot four bullets in one shot. That creates a very powerful machine gun. And the shotgun dusnt shoots 10 bullets but 30 thats powerfull two.


    But just about the RPG.

    He is just like the dlc file it really wurks.

    Its shoots six rockets at one bullet. it is very useful if you have a car to blow. or a whole group of enemies just look at the pictures if you look closely you'll see That it shoots six rockets at a time.


    .: Instalation:.


    Open the zip file and just simpely

    put the bin file in to your drop zone.


    .: Important:.

    if you have more weapen.bin files in your drop zone

    it may not always work




    I hope you like it!

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