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    Allows more freedom of camera while in vehicles and parachute.

    It also disables all Field Of View (FOV) while accelerating.

    Choppers allow free camera movement up and down but absolutely no movement left right as I have not worked out how to disable the mouse from causing the chopper to rotate.  Rather precise strict movement than sloppy slow turning after a few degrees.

    It incorporates the no camera auto-center mod found here:

    And free camera found here:


    Unzip and put both files in your dropzone folder (create one in your root JC2 folder if you have not installed a mod yet)

    Update 005:

    • Incorporated free camera mod while grappling, parachuting and freefalling by Eugoremong

    UPdate 004:

    • Stopped camera from looking backwards when entering a speedboat and aiming in speedboat now works.

    Update 003:

    •  Fixed lookup up limit introduced in 002.

    Update 002:

    • Stopped camera from flipping looking down.
    • Reduced FOV to 45 as this appears to be the default not 50 so slight FOV transition has been removed.
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