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    A collection of my personally favorite mods. Yes, they're just my 'personal' favorites, but being a fan of Just Cause 2, they should be many other players' favorites too, all in one convenient mod. Of course, credits go to original uploaders.

    Mods included:

    • Triggered explosives: The triggered explosives with increased range and damage.
    • Faster parachute thrusters: Thrusters DLC required.
    • Faster sprint
    • BoloPatch: Unlimited and/or unbreakable grappling hook, unlimited ammo.
    • ZXZ's Blackmarket mod
    • Upgraded SAM sites
    • Bubble Gun with Air Propulsion
    • Longer grapple hook

    Sorry, the file is too big, it's past the 8 MB limit.. so it's in a different site. But it's a safe site, no viruses.

    Installation: Move to Dropzone folder (Just Cause 2's files), then extract.

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