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    This is an All-In-One APC folks! 

    My goal here was to create a realistic APC. This APC can float... no doubt about it from the screenshots! But this APC has a balanced weapon system, a single Mini-Gun and Auto-Cannon. The Mini-Gun is hidden inside the turret and does not cause damage to the actual APC. There's also Increased Speed and Mass. Just slightly, not enough to seem ridiculous. You may not even notice it. That's about all Enjoy!

    This is based off of Andrew's "Super Military APC" 

    I just removed the rocket launchers, rearranged the Mini-Guns, Increased Mass and Speed, an made it float! Be sure to check out his mod, I used it and loved it!

    Whats included:

    -State of the Art Weapon System! (Mini-Gun and Auto-Cannon) 

    -Invincible Version!

    -Non-Invincible Version!

    -Regular old APC that still floats! 

    CAUTION: Remember if you choose the Invincible Version, the Military will have one of these at some point in a Stronghold Takeover, so it is advised you disable this APC. Also if you hit the water and too much of a steep angle you'll be flung out. But there shouldn't be to much of a problem there. You will also have no control once you enter the water, as I said... It floats, but it will still have enough momentum to go from Island to Island. 


    Place in your "dropzone" folder and enjoy! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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