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    i figured big/huge airliners and jet on the streets isn't easy to take off with all them trees everywhere, so why no replace them with HELICOPTERS...also i left the STUNT PLANES since they are easy for takeoff this means FUN ! no longer must you grapple your ass for what seems an eternity, just tell a local to take a HIKE! and listen to him say, HELP! ME! HELP! ME! EVERYBODY HELP ME! and take off in a heli or stunt plane

    civilians can't drive them, and sometimes you see one out of 10 helicopters with it's nose on the floor lol

    all credits go to jeimizu/laserpanda of couse i just copied their code and used helis instead of airlines, let stunt planes in and garbage truck those cool stinger bunebuggys and some bikes and atv's I'm Lovin' it.

    Thanks jeimizu/laserpanda this is for those who can't do it by themselves.....YET!

    1. make a folder named dropzone unto your just cause 2 directory
    2. add the worldsim.bin to your new dropzone folder
    3. start the game
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