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    A COMPLETE remake of the Agency standards

    This pack will guarentee Rico is the greatest badass in Panau featuring:

    7 modded vehicles (fully indestructable, float on water & drive up walls):

       Agency Garret Traver-Z

       Agency Hedge Wildchild

       Agency Makoto MZ

       Agency ATV

       Agency MTA Powerrun 77

       Agency Pell Silverbolt 6

          - This will still explode upon impact when airborn, like all planes

          - Sped up slightly

          - Uses the weaponized Mk.2 texture and weapons, credit to it's author

       Agency Tank

          - Uses the orange skin texture

    A fuckload of modded weapons, of which I can remember:

       Automatic Revolver fires 5 rounds at 1km/s and wrecks everything in 10m radius

       Rocket Launcher fires 1 round at 100x damage at 1km/s

       Assault Rifle dual wield, increased range & damage

       Machine Gun increased range and damage

       Automatic Sniper at 2km/s (Rail Gun)

       Automatic Pistols which deal 10x damage and range

       Seriously suped up triggered explosives with Space Rocket explosion

       Lots more, can't remember them all right now.

    Enhanced Grapple with 8km reach and 200m/s speed

    Invincible Rico (if you want your original health or whatever - even though it makes you invincible - remove "player.bin")

    NOTE All vehicle mods require max upgrade, if you don't have that many parts then whap out bolopatch and get some.

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