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    *** Agency Hovercraft DLC required! ***

    This mod tries to improve the hovercraft's handling, making steering more responsive and making turns easier. The default behavior was almost too realistic to be fun in combat, so the uncontrollable drifting has been toned down. Speed and acceleration have been increased slightly.

    The vehicle's health has also been increased (from 3000 to 4100), and the black market price has been reduced (from $125000 to $100000). Complete list of changes is in the included Readme.

    I tried to improve without making it completely overpowered.


    This is my first mod. After being unable to find an existing hovercraft handling mod, I decided to learn how to make one myself and made this the same day. The tweaks are mostly trial-and-error; seeing which ones felt the best after a few hours of testing. Might still use some improvement.

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