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    I moded the cargo plane to make it look like the AC130 Gunship. I added a cannon and a minigun to the plane. You can fire the cannon at the driver seat, but to use the minigun, you have to enter the roof stunt position and jump to the minigun(just like other mountable minigun).I also added four flare launchers at both sides and the bottom of the plane.But different from the real flare, these flares will actually explode after a while. So you may also use this plane as a bomber.
    I also moded the military jeep to make it possible to call for 'air support', which means you will see the bullets drop from the sky.
    The camera setting.bin is moded to help you aim the cannon. Press rear camera key to enter such special camera.

    There are two versions of this mod, the extra version also contains a long range  grappling mod and a little adjustment of the free fall camera.

    Known side effects: The minigun on the military boat(a boat with two mountable minigun) has also become a deadly weapon.

    If you find any other bugs, please comment and let me know.

    Have fun!






    Now in version2, the flare will not have explosion effect to make it more realistic. It will still explode and cause the same damage, just you will not see the fire of explosion. And the bullet impact effect of minigun on the plane now becomes more reasonable.


    In version2.1, the minigun can be moved in a wider range which makes it easier to aim and shoot.



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