AA15 Assault Shotgun

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    As a natural progression of the AA12 shotgun, the AA15 boasts a higher fire rate, fully automatic firing mode, 20 round magazine and enough damage to cut through anything in front of you. This weapon also lacks an auto aim feature, making it a high risk, high reward weapon. If you play well you will kill enemies very quickly, but I've also found spray and pray playstyles to be effective, albeit slow. I have compensated for the lack of auto aim through increased damage and automatic fire mode, and I've spent a lot of time balancing the weapon. As a result, it is a lot of fun to play with. The weapon is properly named in the in game UI and in the blackmarket menu, and as an added bonus, it is free to purchase in the black market right off the bat. The icing on the cake is that it accepts ammunition from any run of the mill shotgun.

    This weapon replaces the cluster grenade launcher, and comes with three separate skins; it includes red, green and blue holographic sights. If people prefer, I can include the original skin as well.

    Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated.

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