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    Going into making this mod I had 2 objectives.  1) Mod a car into something that can drift accurately, easily, and most importantly, in small spaces.  As well as 2) Keep this drift car semi-easily drive-able on the road with predictable handling.  In my tests, this car has excelled at both.



    - Initiate a drift by coasting shortly before the corner, and then turning the car and applying full throttle.

    - To smoothly exit the drift without over-correcting, slowly let off the throttle while keeping the front wheels straight.

    - The car will not drift at top speed, enjoy it.

    - A little practice will find a 'sweet spot' for your speed when entering a corner.  If you are above this, to slide, simply let off the throttle and turn.



    7 speed gearbox

    High torque

    Near indestructable

    Best used in conjunction with a controller


    (Brief) Changelog:

    V1.0 - Released!

    V1.1 - Fiddled with the transmission and optimized gearing.

    V1.2 - More fiddling and a custom paint job.


    Known Bugs:

    Need to test, but the car may only have the custom paint on the first one that is spawned from the black market.

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