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    If you're like me, you find the way the developers did Rico's Signature Gun statistically to be poor, and lazy.  Let's be honest: In a vanilla game, the Signature gun has abysmal damage, even before the revolver is upgraded, and it is virtually useless and overshadowed by all other handguns early in the game, even with few upgrades.

    • This mod is meant to change the damage statistic of Rico's Signature Gun and give it more bite, like the initial screenshot suggested (unfortunately, nobody can't give it a grenade!), but without making it an overpowered weapon that shoots rockets, or something silly.
    • Rico's Signature Gun now functions like a slightly stronger fully-upgraded revolver (If there was a seventh upgrade level for the revolver, the Signature Gun would be that seventh level). The statistic boost now makes it a viable choice for combat throughout the game, and well worth the $40,000 black market price tag. 
    • I originally thought it should share ammo with the revolver, but sharing ammo ends up making the weapon capacity buggy, and it would make the Signature Gun overshadow the regular revolver all the time, so I decided against it. This makes it more like a temporary hand cannon for players who can afford the price tag, like it should have been. 


    I may do the same thing for the Bulls Eye Assault rifle, since it seems to suffer from inferiority issues as well.



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