99.95 Percent Savegame [Experienced Mode]

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    This is my version of the 99.95% savegame.

    This is played in Experienced mode (Renan Suzano's version is in Casual Mode)

    Mercenery mode is offcourse unlocked.

    97.5X% is all by myself.
    The rest 02.XX% is with the help of the Map Viewer.

    No cheats/mods/patches are used ANYtime in the game.

    100% is currently not possible, so this is all for now, if a fix ever gets released, i'll finish it & upload that one too.

    Enjoy, and Appreciate!

    Edit: These are all the savegame locations i know of, if any of these directories exist, try putting the savegame file there, it should work.

    For Retail/Pirated versions:

    C:\My Documents\JustCause2

    C:\My Documents\Square Enix\JustCause2

    C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\SKIDROW\SAVES\8190

    For Steam version:

    C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\Steam accountID\8190\remote

    Hope that helped.
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