1 mouse Dual Wield (FWL dual SMG)

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    For Who Love SMG dual wield mod

    1. I change keyboard setting. You can use left mouse (Mouse1) only to fire dual wield weapon.

    Two weapons will fire same time. It very fun to use SMG dual wield.


    2. I modify SMG damage , accuracy , ammo capacity , 30 magazines hold , range and low camera factor . You will upgrade it. When SMG is full upgrade. It insane SMG !!


    How To Install

    - put all file into dropzone folder

    - enter just cause 2 game. ***BEFORE PLAY!*** enter

    'setting' > 'keyboard/mouse option' 'key mapping' > 'set to default'

    to set Mouse1 to fire left hand weapon in dual wield mod

    **in one-hand weapon and vehicles weapon is use same key (right mouse [Mouse2] to use grenade or vehicle missle)



    Thank you, Have FUN :)).

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