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    The 007 Jet is the first JumboJet that has been modded in both speed and firepower making it probably on of the most awesome vehicles you ahve ever ridden in. In this mod you will find that the 007 Jet has 4 Rocket Launchers, 2 Flak cannons, and One auto cannon. The Flak cannons haveĀ 360 degree roational ability and the camera has been modified so that when you change the view you get a view of what's below you much like in the Bering 130 mod. This plane can also take off directly from water, because it floats! When you downoad you will find that it comes with two skins made by the awesome voxbox13. My favorite is the black and yellow one, but the choice is yours! The speed on the 007 Jet is also amazing. The handling and acceleration is much improved too. I hope that you will like the 007 Jet

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  • UpdatedDec 6, 2015
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