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    Hi Zevy Palmer,
    Sorry it took so long for me to get to you as I haven’t been able to access the site.
    Heat level 0 (no heat) is heat_000
    Heat level 1 is heat_00
    Heat level 2 is heat_01
    Heat level 3 is heat_02
    Heat level 4 is heat_03
    Heat level 5 is heat_04
    I pretty sure that’s the IDs. I’m not 100% sure as it has been about 8 months since I last modded.

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    mandella644 wrote:
    I stopped posting because I realized that I had triple-posted. But the Game Informer page has the rest of the content there, if you want to see it. I want to keep updating this thread so please post in between my posts guys! Comment about what’s new. :)

    Just so I don’t have to quintuple post! :huh:

    Is there anything wrong when multiple-posting just because you are giving updates on something?

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    xtremebud wrote:
    hey guys how ya doing lol i had to create an account to tell ya but i guess there is a way to make the zs spawn, im not a modder or something its just that i would like to have this mod too XP.
    there is a mod to add creatures in game maybe we can talk with the creator and see how he actually did to spawn them and maybe we can use it to just make the zs spawn.
    here is the link for it:
    the file he used to make them spawn is creatures.bin
    that s all thanks and i hope this mod goes on because i really would love it thou :cheer: .


    The mod you linked would not be of any help to anyone who wishes to do this because those creatures are just static objects (animated, not controlled by an AI), sorry. Also, those creatures are already in the game. That mod simply changes the textures and spawns.

    I believe I said this before: JC2 wasn’t designed for this sort of thing.

    in reply to: Camera Placement Mod #101809
    dddasdf wrote:
    Would it be possible though? How much harder than something like ‘free camera mod’ and ‘bolopatch’ would this be?

    It can be done. I wouldn’t know how much harder it would be than Bolopatch or JC2 Camhack. I’m estimating though seeing that this isn’t my area of expertise.

    Maybe you can get into contact with Philphax (JC2 Camhack’s creator) and see if he can do anything.

    in reply to: Camera Placement Mod #101807
    dddasdf wrote:
    I looked around and there doesn’t seem to be a mod for this for JC2. If there is, please correct me and point me to it.

    Basic Description:
    The player is able to place a “camera object” anywhere in the world and rotate it to face any direction. After mapping some key (like the 6 key or the 7 key) to that camera, pressing that key will switch the players’ view from one that follows the character to this placed camera. Possibly, there could be multiple cameras mapped to separate keys that the player can switch between at any given time. I would be useful because you could record your gameplay/stunts/shenanigans from a new perspective that isn’t tied to your character.

    (see attached file if the description is not clear)
    EDIT: it seems like I can’t add image files to show you guys my idea visually. I hope the description makes sense.

    Extra Info:
    There is already a mod like this in for minecraft that was created a few years ago. This would be invaluable for recording stunts or gameplay in JC2. I don’t know how difficult this mod would be to created, but it would be a great help to the community if we could get something like this. Thanks for reading.

    You’re description makes pefect sense. As for images, just upload them in the attachments box or use an external image sharer and link it in your post so that they display.

    As awesome as the mod would be, it would be hard to do. Something like this would require the memory editing of JC2 (kind of like what Bolopatch or JC2Camhack does).

    There is something that is similar, which allows free camera movement: JC2 Camhack.

    Just as a side note:
    The reason Minecraft (taken over my Microsoft :blink: ) has a mod like this is because modders are able to edit the source code and hence they have less limits when creating mods. Seeing that JC2 is written in C++, we cannot decompile it (unlike Minecraft) nor do we have access to the game’s source codes and modding is done through the game’s XML files.

    in reply to: Limited Amount of PC Mods!!!!! – how many to use? #101780
    ricoswavee wrote:
    Hello hello,

    extremely important question. How many mods can i have
    installed and active on my Steam powered, Just Cause 2 game?

    5, 10, 15?

    i notice that if i add more than 8, i get random features i dont want. Like, i used: Flak Machine gun, Ghost rico camo, traffic control,
    a blackmarket mod, Enhanced military Factions, max sprint, unlimited ammo perfectly. And then, when i added Ultimate factions, crazy ai, and rocket pack parachute, i was given GOD MODE randomly and couldn’t turn it off.


    Is there a reason for this, or, do i have to install all the mods properly as per your READ ME file?

    thanks :silly: B) :police:

    Anyone with an IDEA, let me know

    You can have any number of mods. The ones you’re using must be conflicting. When you install the mods, do some files overwrite each other? Also, how are you installing the mods? Are you putting them in their own folders within dropzone or just copying the files into dropzone?

    Enhanced Factions, Ultimate Factions and Crazy Civilian AI are very likely going to be conflicting.

    in reply to: Help please “missing localization” #101774
    voxbox13 wrote:
    drover57 wrote:
    Done, uploaded to mods/Vehicles/Cars/DPV-Mods/ have fun.

    New ? is there a way to to get one vehicle type only from a 4 spawn type vehicle ie: just want to spawn wilforce range x and not the other types of wilforce vehicles.

    In my time here, I haven’t seen anyone accomplish this.
    I think the randomization is built-in to either the .eez file, or the blackmarket (truly not sure)…

    I wouldn’t think the blackmarket would have control over which variation of which vehicle spawns. I reckon when a vehicle is requested to spawn, the one who requests will send an ID or something to the game engine and it will spawn the appropriate variation but because the blackmarket file cannot control that, a random variation will always spawn.

    That’s just my estimation of what happens thanks to spending time with the heatspawn file. In that you can control which variation of which vehicle spawns (by sending an ID) and on what heat level. The “ID”s for the vehicles can be found in spawnsettings.bin. (This last part might not be too relevant, but I added it in either way).

    in reply to: Every Skin Mod I Try Doesn’t Work! #101759
    8BitCookie wrote:
    I’ve put many different skin mods for Rico into the dropzone folder with no success. None of them work. Please help.

    They’re all using the same file so the game ends up loading only one. You can only use one skin at a time.

    in reply to: Multiplayer Blackmarket #101757
    InceptedSting wrote:
    Could someone please make a Multilayer Black market for Single player as the ones that unlock everything just take forever to get what you want thanks


    Oh, do you mean the BuyMenu you find on most multiplayer servers?

    in reply to: Multyplayer #101754
    voxbox13 wrote:
    Ubis_Anubis wrote:
    Well, even though i’m a bloody idiot, i still need halp from those of you who play jcmp alot. first of all, im trying to use the chat console on jman100’s server and i cant seem to figure out what button it is, i also know im an idiot, just confirming that, again, i AM AN IDIOT. but other than that could someone please tell me the basics of being on that server in paticular? because im sure alot of ppl have played on jman’s server

    Try over at the jc-mp.com forum for more info – since that’s their project.

    Wouldn’t pushing F5 show you the commands to bring the console? Unfortunately, commands, button bindings and stuff vary from server to server depending on what scripts they use.

    in reply to: How to edit the speed or same thinks of an vehicle #101748
    aloxx wrote:
    I’d like to know how i can editing the vehicles speed or weight? so informations , i have the possibility to decompress ezz archives file that contains the textures or rbm objects but i can t decompress the ee.epe file(he is in the ezz archive), i supose he must have the vehicle information like an bin file that can be turned in xml.If i try to decompres/extract with SmalUnpack.exe from gibbed tools it crashes

    SmallUnpack is used to only uncompress .eez, .ee and .blz (I think there’s a few others, too). The .ee.epe file has nothing to do with the speed and weight of the vehicle. That file however, is used with BinConvert or Bin2xml. The file you’re looking for is the .mvdoll file. That contains the properties of the vehicle, thus speed and weight. That is used with BinConvert or Bin2xml, too.

    I also suggest looking in the tutorials category of the site, it may contain some useful information.

    in reply to: Just Cause 3 Has Been Confirmed #101743
    mandella644 wrote:
    Update: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2014/11/17/will-just-cause-3-have-a-multiplayer-mode.aspx

    In this post, they seemed to consider JC2-MP to be the sole mod of JC2 – which is interesting.

    I hope Trix doesn’t feel like he has some responsibility to make JC3-MP – I mean, the guy’s not getting paid for this.

    I don’t mean to be offensive but I don’t want him to do multiplayer for JC3. It was, in my opinion, bare-bone garbage. You would have fun for three or so hours then it gets boring.

    mandella644 wrote:
    Moving on…it seems like the developers will not be making tools for the community as of yet (it would actually be surprising to see Avalanche release tools for a game, though they’re certainly being pressured to do so). I’d imagine that “supporting the community” means that they’re not going to lock down the game files with strange DRM (à la Sleeping Dogs) and will not shun the modding community (à la Rockstar).

    Well that’s good. At least we have some modding support from the developers even if we have make our own tools.

    in reply to: Sharper Landscape Textures #101745

    From the screenshots I saw, this looks awesome. I can’t wait to try it out.

    FINDarkside wrote:
    Submitted On: 30 Nov 1999 :ohmy:

    Yeah that’s some database issue with Remository. Just a glitch, nothing to worry about.

    in reply to: I’m looking for a mod… #101740
    voxbox13 wrote:
    doesthislookunsure wrote:
    Is there a mod that spawns military jets to attack you when you have a high heat level? Just curious.

    Here’s one idea

    HEATSPAWN: Jet Fighters v3.0

    These jets won’t dog fight with you in the air, but they’ll chase you when you’re on the ground like the helicopters.
    And — in the process — most of them will end up crashing near you.

    I forgot about that. That’s probably the closest thing you’ll get to jet fighters attacking you.

    in reply to: JC3 Leak? #101732
    mandella644 wrote:
    Vox, check this thread out: http://www.justcause2mods.com/forum/7-news/22444-just-cause-3-has-been-confirmed

    Also, Sundberg confirmed that there won’t be any microtransactions. Also JC3 won’t be free. It’s going to follow the same business model as JC2.

    I saw that on the Steam forums. Apparently, “they were just experimenting with it.” I can’t wait for JC3. I just hope it corrects some of JC2’s mistakes.

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