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      Orignal Post by: Panic



      Hello all and welcome to the your first Texture mod
      By: Panic

      Ok First off if you haven’t Read the Basic tutorial to
      Just cause 2 modding then you wont understand
      any of this tutorial


      Step 1: What you need!

      1) Gibbed Tools – archive viewer

      (gibbed tools found in the getting started tutorial)

      2) A Image editing program capable of reading
      and editing .dds images.
      ex: Photoshop (any version) with Plug-in
      or Google it up!

      Step 2: Knowing where to look

      Ok im gonna start out with how to find the specific process of finding and editing the textures.

      1) Open up Gibbed tools – ArchiveViewer.exe
      2) On new Window click open and navigate to the archives_win32

      –Detail Info Removed Visit Site–

      3)OK now Im gonna fill you in on The exported Directory in
      This is where allot of the Vehicle, Crate’s and other .ee/.eez files
      witch are much like an archive for different files.

      Note: Other Pc0-4 files contain the exported directory witch also contain more textures and more vehicles! Pc0-Contains only civilian vehicles and they are simple!

      –Detail Removed

      –Visit original Post

      Part 3: Saving the files

      We are going to be focusing on the vehicles directory
      in this tutorial so get into: Know->exported->vehicles

      now your going to see more folders:

      ARVE – Air Vehicles
      LAVE – land Vehicles
      SEVE – Sea Vehicles

      2) Now Find both of these files located in ARVE folder


      View More Info on Files:

      –detail removed

      –visit original post

      3)Ok some may tell you that both files are not needed but i like to save both in the same location to prevent errors.

      right click on each of these files and click save.
      Save to the same location you extracted gibbed tools to.

      7)open up the folder with gibbed tools and both .ee and .eez files

      And we now need to unpack the .eez file
      –Detail Removed Visit original post–

      8) Click and drag arve.v009_civil_helicopter.eez
      and drop it on to:

      small unpack.exe

      This will create a new folder named:

      The same name as the .eez file

      9) this Folder will contain many files witch at this time we do not understand
      the main files we are concerned with in this tutorial is the .dds files
      Witch are the textures for this particular chopper

      Step 4: Editing your texture

      OK Now we are going to open up the texture file and do a little editing to change it up

      1) open up the file named:
      in your dds editor

      you will have this image


      Now I know this all looks confusing but when you really look at the image you can see what each part is on the chopper.

      We will have an example of a mod up soon for vehicle’s so you can get a better idea but an edited texture should turn out something like this:


      I Basically just added lines with a pencil on the grey to produce
      all grey part on the heli will now look like navy camo.

      When Done editing save and replace the old .dds file

      Step 5: Packing and adding to the game

      Ok now we are going to pack all the info back up in to a
      .eez file

      This will allow the game to read the file and overwrite the original texture.

      once the file is saved and replaced you will now click and drag the
      arve.v009_civil_helicopter Folder
      and drop it on the gibbed tool:


      This will give you a new file named:


      Rename this file to:


      Step 6: adding to the game

      OK now that you have your .eez file your going to navigate to the game install directory

      –detail removed visit original post–

      2) Create a new folder named: dropzone

      3) place your newly made .eez file in the folder



      This is A general look into the texture editing area of modding JC2.
      By exploring the .tab files in archives_win32 you will come across many more editable texture.

      There will soon be an example mod released as well as a picture based example on the mod and how it was created.

      I recommend messing around with textures until you find the way they fit together to create the object.

      I hope this helps and look forward to the Example Mod!!!

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      Great tutorial, you have explained the actual editing of the texture quite well.

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      Hey mate you hav forgot one thing their.when you hav finished editing your dds. Files also edit you nr
      m. Files these files are usual right next to dif when you open these change all the pink blue like some of the do this becuase I had the same problems before when you go in game and your colours are much darker instead of nice bright colours . So do this and it will help change the pink, I used hue and saturation :)

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      Yeah without editing the nrm files your textures look really bad

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      Thank you For your responses.

      This is just a basic tutorial on editing the basic texture.
      I am amware of that aspect of editing the texture but i didnt
      want to confuse ppl to early.

      my goal is to provide very easy and ordered tutorials
      to gain the complete scope of modding this game.

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