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      All Credits go to Lost4468 of the Facepunch forums.

      Ok for this tutorial you are going to need:
      A Jtagged Xbox 360
      XexMenu, you know where to get it ;)
      A legit copy of Just Cause 2 (The devs deserve it)
      A mod of the pc version, .bin only I believe

      Check and make sure that you have atleast 4.5gb of space on a external hdd or on your xbox hdd. Now load up XexMenu and Press RB once, you should be at the root of your hdd, now press Y and scroll down to create, name the folder “Games”. Next open the Games folder and create another folder called “Just Cause 2”. Open this folder and press Y, now go down to copydvd and click it, put the just cause 2 disc in and then manually close the disc tray, now as you hear it start to spin louder, press confirm. Wait for it to rip. Extract, and extract the mods to your personal folder (the one with your name on it)


      Open up CMD.


      Now goto where you extracted and right click on “Gibbed.Avalanche.bin2xml.exe” then click copy path.


      Paste that into your cmd box, and delete the ” at the start and the end.


      Now after that type in what the name of the .bin is that your converting, then click enter.


      Delete the .bin in your personal folder.


      You should now have a .xml file in your personal folder. Open up CMD again but this time copy the path of “Gibbed.Avalanche.xml2bin.exe” after that MAKE SURE you put -b then the file name, then click enter. It should look like this.


      If you used the xbox hdd skip this step.
      Plug your external hdd into your computer, and open it up. Goto games>Just Cause 2 now right click and create a new folder called “dropzone” and drag the .bin you just converted from my documents into this folder.

      If you used an external hdd skip this step.
      Plug in a usb flash drive, and open it up, right click and click create>new folder, then call it dropzone, drag and drop the .bin file/s from your personal folder to here. Load up XexMenu with the usb drive plugged into the 360, press RB, then X, then select your external usb device, press Y on dropzone and click move. Now press X and goto Hdd1:, open up games>Just Cause 2> and click paste.

      Now press RB twice, and click Just Cause 2, if its not there open up the Just Cause 2 folder and click default.xex. Yey! Now you have the pc mods :D.

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      Thx dude :) but why blackmarket mod does’nt work ?

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      silvermoon wrote:

      Thx dude :) but why blackmarket mod does’nt work ?

      why do you think about the archives are on:
      “Archives_32”? Only Windows System, and the black market modifications is in this folder.

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      You can extract the “blackmarket.bin” from the archive with the “Gibbed.Avalanche.ArchiveViewer”
      and convert it, it works for me but pictures are missing

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      does this work on xp? everytime i try it it doesnt work out….it says not recognized as command…somethinhg like that

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      does the computer have to be connected the xbox?

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      what about the skin mods

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      Thanks but I have the damned 4gb mc and I cant afford a HDD:blink:

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      can i also do it without jtag because i still wanna be able to play online

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      I was wondering that as well. Are there ANY mods which don’t require a JTAGGED Xbox ?

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      ALL MODS need a Jtagged, Glitch hacked or a SDK Xbox 360. A retail Xbox don’t read unsigned packages. You can still do a dual-nand hack, in which you keep your retail nand and you can also boot an hacked Nand, so basically, you can play on xbox live and can load mods, hacks,downloaded Games, etc

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